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At Grant Designs there is no typical client, instead, Grant prefers to take each Commission on a case by case basis, offering personal advice & unique solutions for each client.  

Bespoke Designs include Corporate Service Awards, Trophies & Yacht Models plus Commissions for Sculpture, Garden Art & Outdoor Furniture.

Each Commission is custom made at the workshop in Malahide, Co Dublin & Grant will also meet with you for onsite consultations.

Goose Wing -Yacht sculpture, handmade in Stainless Steel & bookmatched Walnut, commissioned by a Private client for a special occasion.
Pantoufle -Stylized yacht model handmade in stainless steel with a Mahogany hull on a stainless steel base - commissioned for a family celebration.
1720 Class model handmade in stainless steel & copper commissioned by owner. Her hull is polished to a mirror finish with brushed mainsail and lacquered copper gennaker.
WEBZEN Commissioned as a 10 year service award in 2017 and 2018 - custom made in Stainless Steel & Walnut.
Copper Bloom Stainless Steel Tree with brushed Copper leaves commissioned as a feature piece for client’s garden
Skyline lll One of the Skyline Limited edition yacht models - handmade in Stainless Steel on a Starboard tack - available to commission in different sizes.
Still Life Garden Sculpture in Mild Steel with highly polished Stainless steel leaves. Designed as a focal point in client’s patio garden space
Skyline IV One of the Skyline Limited edition yacht models - handmade in Stainless Steel on a Starboard tack - available to commission in different sizes.
Finistere Stylized fishing board, handmade in marine grade stainless steel with a copper stay sail. The highly polished hull contrasts with the brushed topsides and lacquered sail.
Nautical furniture -Cleat Bench commissioned in Cedar for a seaside garden with Nautical design outdoor table styled on the bow of a boat - handmade in Iroko, Mahogany with Stainless fittings.
WASZP - Stylized dinghy model based on a Waszp - handmade in stainless steel on a walnut base commissioned as a special occasion gift.
VAILA MAE -Shetland Island Sixareen custom made in Stainless Steel by private client for special occasion based on the classic boats of the Shetland Islands.
OCR Trophies - Commissioned by OCR Power Boat Racing as a perpetual trophy - handmade in stainless steel with Iroko plinth for engraved plaque. 2nd & 3rd place trophies are scaled down versions of the same racing boat style.
Raja Harun Perpetual Trophy - Commissioned by CAFRE in Northern Ireland in Stainless steel & copper for a science & technology award. The Beech plinth is designed to take annual engraved plaques.
Nod to Leonard Private commission for a Leonard Cohen Fan, handmade in brushed stainless steel, mounted on a Walnut plaque with engraved message.
RIB CRADLE - Custom made in Iroko & Stainless for a 50ft steel yacht to hold the rib dinghy while at sea.
Spinning Sails
WAVE 2022 Yacht model trophies for WAVE 2022 Regatta, handmade in Stainless steel, Walnut & Maple. Commissioned by Howth Yacht Club as presentation gifts to Sponsors.