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Eastwind is one of this year’s Unique Garden Sculptures created with a series of tapering leaves in Stainless Steel & Copper, on curved Stainless Steel stems.

It was my submission to Sculpture in Context 2022 and I was delighted to receive the news that Eastwind was sold during the exhibition and is now installed in its new home.

Eastwind is designed to reflect its natural environment, and give a sense of wellbeing and comfort, both visually and physically.

The individual stems of Eastwind are intertwined in a lattice pattern, and flex in the breeze, so the leaves appear to dance in the wind.   

All leaves are welded along the midrib,  and veins,  to give a natural organic look.

The largest three leaves are Stainless Steel, polished to a ‘mirror’ finish, shaped to give the effect of twisting at different angles in the breeze.

The opposing smaller leaves, add balance, and are Brushed Copper, with a waxed finish, to maintain the natural copper tones.

Each Cardinal Leaf Sculpture is unique, variations are available to order in Stainless Steel & Copper leaf combinations of your choice.

Images show Eastwind at the National Botanic Gardens & installed in client’s garden among luxuriant planting.

Dimensions 180x130x40cm