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Feathering Sails

The ‘Feathering Sails Stainless Steel Sculpture was inspired by racing yachts maneuvering on the windward leg, where their opposing tacks cross each other, looking for the optimal wind and position.

This was a client commission designed exclusively for a waterfront setting overlooking a busy harbour.

The sleek lines of the sails reflect light and the surrounding environment, and intended to be a focal point in the space between the two windows.

Each sails is shaped, and angled, to evoke the sense of movement you would expect to see when filled with wind.

Images show the ‘Feathering Sail’s sculpture showcased in two distinct settings.

The first image shows the interior space, where it harmonizes with the “cloudy sky” wallpaper, creating a subtle interplay between the artwork and its background.

Feathering Sails‘ was also photographed in an outdoor setting.

Placed amidst lush green foliage and against timber cladding, the stainless steel sculpture stands out as a captivating contrast to the natural elements. It brings a touch of contemporary elegance to the garden space which connects art and nature.

The sculpture is hand crafted in 2mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel, polished to a mirror finish with a convex profile.

Dimensions – Larger Sails 1.6m in height – Smaller Sails 90cm in height.