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Rushlight is an indoor Stainless Steel Sculpture designed in with Copper Flame detail, chosen by a client as a feature piece for their hallway.

The tapering plinth of Rushlight is handmade in highly polished Stainless Steel with brushed Copper detail on the inner sections of the flame.

The Stainless Steel base is also highly polished to give the effect of the piece ‘disappearing’ into the floor on which it sits.

My inspiration for Rushlight came when I was sitting by our outdoor Fire’ness fire noticed the reflections and movement of light in the flames. I wanted to try and create that effect in Copper & Stainless Steel in a stand alone piece.

Rushlight stands 1.5m and detaches from circular base for storage and ease of movement.

Photographed also in a garden setting so show the highly reflective nature of polished Stainless Steel.