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Southwind was designed as a unique garden sculpture with a combination of two Copper leaves & a single Stainless Steel leaf, commissioned by a client for their garden patio.

Inspired by the Westwind Cardinal Leaf Sculpture, originally designed for Art Source 2021 featuring three tapering Stainless Steel leaves on curved stems.

The largest and smallest leaves were handcrafted in Copper with a lacquered finish, with the central leaf in highly polished Stainless Steel, all flexing in different directions.

The curving stems also feature an additional leaf shape for strength and balance.

Photographed in a garden setting and also at the client’s home with base hidden underground.

Each Cardinal Leaf Sculpture is unique, variations are available to order in Stainless Steel & Copper leaf combinations of your choice – for outdoors or indoors.

Southwind stands 1.7m x 1m spread.