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Aeroplane Sculpture

Last year, a client asked me if I could make an Aeroplane Sculpture in Stainless Steel, an Airbus 330 to be exact.

I agreed and was presented with a model of the Airbus to replicate to 1:100 scale.

This sculpture was my most demanding project to date given the accuracy required and the complex and detailed design of such an aircraft.

So, after many, (and I mean many), hours of head scratching, making, remaking, forming, welding, sanding and polishing – here is the result!

You can see more of the story and images of the various stages of making the plane in my link to – Latest News

Additional photos show the Airbus ‘in flight’ on the Spiral Stainless Steel base, and ‘top down’ view on an aeronautical themed table.

Dimensions – Length 630mm – Wing Span 640mm

Airbus Stainless Steel Aeroplane Sculpture by Grant Designs