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 NOLWENN - Classic Model Yacht 
Handmade in Brushed Copper & Stainless Steel 
Inspired by the Traditional Sailing Boats of Brittany

ART & REALITY - This is 2 Metres.
 Handmade in Stainless Steel & Brushed Copper 
Giant Cleat Sculpture or 2.4 Metre Outdoor Seat ?

The Home Show with Sinead Ryan on Newstalk

"I’m always comfortable with a nautical theme.   I enjoy working with sail shapes like my Zanzibar and Skyline yacht models.    Even my outdoor fire, the Fire'ness, has an abstract sail outline.

I also design sculptures with leaf and organic shapes.  

Leaves are like miniature sails and, once I can visualise how the wind is going to move something,  it works for me,  I know how it will react"

Grant Mac Ewan

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    "Individual taste is unreliable, but whenever the Quality of Design & Execution is a Constant, that is something we Instinctively Recognise"     

Kevin Mc Cloud