505 World Championships Cork

August 15, 2022 | Grant | Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Royal Cork Yacht Club hosted the 2022 5O5 World Championships from the 1st to 13th August this year.

Held every year since 1956, this is the first Worlds for the dinghy class since Fremantle in Australia in 2019, due to Covid 19.

This year’s event was the fourth time the 5O5 Worlds have been hosted in Crosshaven since 1959 and the first in 40 years.

I was delighted to be commissioned to design and make the prizes for the International Sailing Event.

The brief was to create 5 different trophies for Overall Winners, Race Winners and Club Presentations.

The trophies for the winners for both the Pre Worlds and the 5O5 Worlds were designed in Stainless Steel & Mahogany. The runner up prizes and race winner trophies were made in Iroko & Mahogany.

It proved to be a tough championship with light or no winds and racing was abandoned early in the week but finally ‘Breeze Arrives for 5O5 World Championships in Cork Harbour’ for the last racing days of the event.

The Pre World Championships were won by by Great Britain’s Nathan Batchelor and Sam Pascoe with the USA taking 2nd and 3rd Places.

The 5O5 World Championships were ultimately won by USA’s Stuart Mcnay and Caleb Paine.