Irish Independent Dublin News - Eclectic and affordable artworks to feature at Ireland’s biggest art fair in the RDS

Art Source RDS Irish Independent review

October 29, 2023 | Grant | Reading Time: 3 minutes

“Eclectic and affordable artworks to feature at Ireland’s biggest art fair in the RDS”


Chuffed to see my Rugby Ball included in this Irish Independent review for Art Source RDS in the company of such talented artists and great artworks“.


“Art lovers, mark your calendars, from November 10 to 12, the RDS will transform into a hub of artistic wonder as Art Source, Ireland’s biggest art show, opens its doors next month.

With over 15,000 visitors anticipated to attend, Art Source 2023 is set to feature an eclectic assembly of 200 contemporary Irish and international artists and galleries.

This annual extravaganza promises to deliver a unique opportunity for Irish art lovers to acquire original artworks for just €100 each.

Among these are Tom Byrne and David McGlynn, both of whom have had their creations purchased by Hollywood stars Elizabeth Banks and Amy Adams, adding a touch of glitz to this artistic spectacle.

The centrepiece of the fair is a remarkable sculpture crafted from recycled Boeing 707 parts, paying homage to John Phillip Holland, the Irish inventor of the modern submarine.

Acclaimed industrial designer Shane Holland drew his inspiration from a call he received about discarded aviation parts, transforming these remnants into a symbol of innovation and heritage.

Keeping with the underwater theme, Hey Bulldog will be showcasing psychedelic tufted wall hangings inspired by The Beatles’ iconic Yellow Submarine animated film, offering a unique and visually stunning collection.

But Art Source isn’t just about admiring art from a distance; it’s about connecting with the artists themselves.

Show organiser Patrick O’Sullivan said: “Art Source offers visitors the opportunity to purchase a one-off affordable original artwork to make their home unique and also the opportunity to meet the artists and hear about their work.”

The growth of Art Source over the years is attributed to the exceptional quality of its exhibitors.
Mr. O’Sullivan said that the event serves as a “meeting ground” for industry insiders to explore the pulse of the Irish art world, boasting the widest range of art styles in all of Ireland.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this year’s event is a sporting challenge that led a Dublin boat fitter turned artist to perfect the creation of a showstopping Stainless Steel Rugby Ball which will be showcased at the Fair.

Irish artist Orla Walsh, often compared to the legendary Andy Warhol, is also set to unveil a new collection of iconic Brown Thomas bags at Art Source.

For those eager to get their hands on the 100 pieces of original art for €100, it’s first come, first served when Art Source opens on Friday, November 10, at 11 am.

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