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Student Enterprise Awards 2023

I had the pleasure of being commissioned to design the prestigious Student Enterprise Awards for the finalists of the Student Enterprise Programme 2023.

The Student Enterprise Programme is the largest enterprise competition for second level students in Ireland, with 25,000 students competing annually run with the collaboration of the Local Enterprise Office.

The brief was to create three distinctive bespoke awards, tailored for the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Category winners of the National Finals 2023.

My inspiration was based on the power of a singular thought and its journey into an idea. The concept revolved around the notion of thoughts ‘bubbling up’ in the mind and how they can then be transformed into reality.

Each Award was individually handmade featuring a collection of differing size stainless steel tube ‘bubbles’ mounted on a contoured Walnut upright to offset the focal point of the design, fixed to a Walnut base.

These awards not only celebrate the remarkable achievements of the winners but also serve as lasting reminders of the students’ creativity, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Congratulations to everyone involved and each of the Winners!!

“This year produced a varied selection of businesses, from agricultural products and homemade gifts to products that were built on our unique ability to tell compelling stories,” said Michael Nevin, chair of the Local Enterprise Office’s Enterprise Education Committee.

“We see every year that the National Finals are not an end point for our student entrepreneurs, but a stepping stone on the next stage of their entrepreneurial journey,” he added.