Northwind is a Limited Edition Stainless Steel Garden Sculpture from the Cardinal Leaf Sculpture Collection by Grant Designs.

Designed to draw light, reflect its natural environment, and give a sense of wellbeing and comfort, both visually and physically.

The individual stems of Northwind are intertwined in a lattice pattern, and flex with the breeze so the leaves dance in the wind.

All leaves are welded along the midrib,  and veins,  to give a natural organic look.

The largest three leaves are brushed Copper, shaped to give the effect of twisting at different angles in the breeze, with a fourth, small, Copper Leaf rising from the base.

The opposing smaller Stainless Steel leaves, add balance, and are polished to a mirror finish to reflect light and surroundings.

Northwind is designed as a stand alone piece of Sculpture, intended to be placed either indoors or outdoors.

If chosen for garden setting, the weighted base can be secured & disguised underground.

Dimensions 150x130x40cm on Circular Stainless Steel base.