Oasis, is a new Stainless Steel Garden Sculpture inspired by the intricate and organic shapes of ornamental grasses and lilies seen growing in ponds and gardens.

Oasis features multiple blade-like leaves that rise from a base, each displaying a complex curve that mirrors the natural shapes and contours of these plants, providing a unique and visually engaging focal point in a garden or pond.

The sculpture’s design is intended to be both dynamic and organic, reflecting the beauty and complexity of nature while also providing an impression of movement when reflecting its surroundings.

Designed in Marine Grade Stainless Steel, each blade is made in two separate sections that are cold-formed to create these intricate reverse curves.

The top sections of each blade has been polished to a mirror finish, creating a striking and reflective surface that will catch the light and reflect the surroundings.

In contrast, the underside of the blades has a sateen finish, with etched vein detail, giving the piece a subtle and elegant texture.

Dimensions Height 800mm x Width 700mm x Depth 700mm on circular undulating, highly polished, base.