The ‘Regatta‘ Stainless Steel Yacht Sculpture was inspired by the classic racing yachts competing for the great regattas of the world such as the America’s Cup, the Admiral’s Cup, and the Vendee Globe.

The America’s Cup is the oldest international competition operating in any sport.

The ‘Regatta‘ sculpture is created in Stainless Steel, with convex curves to create the impression that the sails are filled with wind.

I have tried to capture the sense of yachts maneuvering on the windward leg, where their opposing tacks cross each other, looking for the optimal wind and position.

The Stainless Steel Sails sit proud of the mild steel frame with a shadow gap.

The Mild Steel has been waxed to give this lustrous finish and the edge of the frame has a brushed, stainless steel, finish.

Dimensions 710x370mm.