Releaf is one of my unique garden sculptures, handmade in Marine Grade Stainless Steel.

Inspired by the classic shape of a chaise longue, the main body is formed by one large curving leaf polished to a mirror finish with brushed underside detail.

The support for the main leaf is another smaller leaf,  welded to the back of the underside,  with highly polished finish.

My inspiration for Releaf was to create a place to sit and relax which appears to be floating in nature.

When placed outdoors, it will reflect its surroundings, the sky, and can disappear into the garden foliage where it is placed

Releaf is balanced on a frame which can be buried, and secured, underground or can be supplied with suitable base for indoor setting.

It is formed with a tubular midrib and veins with a rounded edge on the margin.

Dimensions 80x180x60 cm.