RELEASE is designed to be placed in a garden, on a patio or balcony and can be used as Outdoor Seating, or simply a piece of Garden Sculpture or both?

RELEASE is a Giant Cleat, inspired by the cleats found on a boat or ship,  to which lines are attached to secure her to a dock or quay.

‘Leaving to go to sea,  where there are no boundaries or borders,  I always remember as we let go the last line – I would look back at the cleats on the dock as we headed out to open water’

Handmade in Stainless Steel, polished to a mirror finish, with contrasting Brushed Top Side & Copper accents.

RELEASE is available to order – lead time 4 – 6 weeks approximately.

LOA 240cm x H 46cm x W 30cm – Supplied with Timber Plinth.