Sculpture in Context 2021

September 2, 2021 | Grant | Reading Time: < 1 minute

Delighted to be back at the National Botanic Gardens exhibiting at Sculpture in Context this year.

Celebrating 35 years exhibiting and promoting sculpture in Ireland – Sculpture in Context is a pivotal event in the Irish arts calendar and as the longest running, largest and most important sculpture exhibition in the country, the annual exhibition attracts a large public and critical audience and is the cultural highlight of the National Botanic Gardens calendar.

Bringing together the work of over 140 artists using an incredible range of media, these works of art represent the richly diverse character of Irish and International contemporary sculpture today. From the smallest, most intricate ceramic works to stone & metal sculptures of a monumental scale, visitors to the exhibition will be enriched by the experience of viewing such inspiring works in one location.

The artistic integrity and technical skill involved in creating the works is evident throughout and highlights the breadth and depth of artistic talent and skill in Ireland today.

My submission Seedling is freestanding sculpture in Stainless Steel & Copper with fresh ideas and new growth implied in the design. The tapering stem is Stainless Steel and the elongated leaves are brushed copper with variegated detail.

The exhibition runs from 2nd September to 15th October at the National Botanic Gardens and admission is free.

Behind the Scenes Video at Sculpture in Context 2021
Seedling by Grant Mac Ewan at Sculpture in Context 2021