Solano, Stainless Steel Yacht Sculpture, was imagined as a unique standalone sculpture for those who share a passion for sailing or simply love the sea.

This abstract Yacht Sculpture is designed in one single form, her sails seamlessly merge with the deck, capturing the essence of a yacht in perpetual motion, sailing on a Broad Reach.

Solano is handmade in marine-grade Stainless Steel,  cold formed, welded and highly polished to a mirror finish.

Her weighted hull anchors her firmly in place, ensuring a seamless blend of artistry and stability.

A one off, unique yacht sculpture, she becomes a part of her surroundings reflecting the light and space around her.

The curved sections, between her sails are designed to create intriguing shapes which give impression of fluidity and movement.

Dimensions – Height 470mm x 200mm – LOA 450mm