‘SynergyStainless Steel Yacht Sculpture is a Nautical Sculpture inspired by the power of the wind.

This abstract Yacht Sculpture displays the various points of sail and the graceful shapes sails take on different tacks.

The sculpture is designed with a unique and visually intriguing shape, with its convex port side and concave starboard side creating a sense of motion and fluidity. The highly polished finish reinforces this.

The hull section of the ‘Synergy‘ is raked lower aft, which adds to the sense of movement and makes it appear as though the vessel is cresting a wave.

The base of the sculpture is convex, and sail-shaped, further emphasizing the contours in the design.

She is handmade in 2mm marine grade Stainless Steel with complex curved forms in multiple planes.

‘I have tried to create a piece that captures the essence of the sea, wind, and waves highlighting the power harnessed by sails’.

Dimensions:   Height 410 x Width 200mm at the widest point of base – LOA – 400mm

Synergy’ main photograph is in a gallery setting.

Other photos are taken by the sea in Malahide and show the light and reflections from the piece.