WHIRLWIND Stainless Steel Sculpture was inspired by movement of leaves caught lifting and twisting in the breeze.

Designed and created in Stainless Steel & Copper as a stylish sculpture piece for your home, patio or executive office space.

Each leaf in Whirlwind is hand cut and welded along the midrib and veins,  to give a natural organic look.

The Stainless Steel leaves are highly polished,  the contrasting Copper leaf is brushed and lacquered.

The Stainless Steel  weighted base is polished to a mirror finish, and reflects both its surroundings, and the leaves in the top sloping section.

Dimensions – 360x450x120mm.

Whirlwind is available to order in different sizes and metal combinations, for indoor or outdoor spaces.

WHIRLWIND is being showcased exclusively at the RARE HOME showroom at 12 Castle Market, in the heart of Dublin City.

“Rare Home is a haven of beautiful interior products designed to compliment the homes and lifestyle that we deserve.    All products are sourced from the finest makers in their field where quality and design is unquestionable.”