WHIRLWIND Stainless Steel Sculpture was inspired by the movement of leaves caught lifting and twisting in the breeze.

Designed and created in Stainless Steel and Copper as a stylish sculpture piece for your home, patio, or executive office space.

Each leaf in Whirlwind is hand-cut and welded along the midrib and veins,  to give a natural organic look.

Each Stainless Steel leaf is highly polished and the contrasting Copper leaf is brushed, and lacquered.

The Stainless Steel weighted base is an undulating circular shape, polished to a mirror finish creating a ‘molten’effect.

The base then reflects light and shadow, and the each angled leaf when viewed from the top.

Dimensions – 330x430mm at the widest point of the leaves.    Base measures 200x20mm at raised edges.

Whirlwind is available to order in different sizes and metal combinations, for indoor or outdoor spaces.