Whisper is a Classic Gaff Rig Stainless Steel Yacht Model with Copper Sails

Gaff rig is a sailing rig (configuration of sails, mast and stays) in which the sail is four-cornered, fore-and-aft rigged, controlled at its peak and, usually, its entire head by a spar (pole) called the gaff.”

I drew my inspiration from Gaff Rig vessels I have sailed on, and seen, during my time at sea.

For me there are few things more beautiful than seeing a old gaffer under sail.

Whisper has been designed with a stainless steel hull, polished to a mirror finish.   Her topsides have a brushed finish for contrast and detail.

The copper sails are lacquered with Stainless Steel welds to create the look of hanks as seen on older vessels

Dimensions: 460mm to top of mast & LOA 570.

Whisper Stainless Steel Yacht Model based on Classic Gaff Rig, handmade with Stainless Steel Hull & Topsides and Copper Sails by Grant Designs.