Willow Spray is a new direction in Sculpture Wall Art which I have been working over the summer and launched at Art Source RDS last November.

I have created sprays of Copper leaves and mounted them on a Stainless Steel background showcased in a simple black frame.

As in my Willow Garden Sculpture,  each copper leaf is individually handmade and welded to Stainless Steel stems.

The Copper Leaf Sprays are designed to fan out from the background giving a 3D effect creating interesting shapes and shadows.

These sculptures are intended to be indoor Wall Art, therefore the copper leaves and Stainless Steel background have been lacquered.

This prevents the copper from changing colour by oxidation or if handled and also give the piece a rich lustre.

The Square Spray is designed in such a way that you can placed on your wall in any of the four orientations you prefer, North, South, East or West.

Dimensions: 300x300mm

Shown with Willow Spray Landscape