Willow, is a unique Garden Sculpture Handcrafted in Stainless Steel & Copper, the latest in the Leaf Sculpture Collection by Grant Designs.

Willow is designed with cascading Copper Leaves, on graceful Stainless Steel Branches which taper to the ground.

‘The intricate details and elegant curves of the sculpture make it a stunning centrepiece complimented by surrounding plants, while also standing out on its own.’

The Willow branches that make up the sculpture move in the breeze, giving the piece a dynamic and lively quality.

The slender Stainless Steel trunk has been welded to give the textured organic look, you would see in natural tree bark.

The individual, hand cut, Copper leaves are lacquered but can be left natural, to gently go green over time in your garden.

The circular base is polished Stainless Steel which will reflect the Willow and sky.

Willow can also be supplied with a weighted base to be hidden underground.

Dimensions 120cm in height x 35cm on Circular Stainless Steel Base.