Stainless Steel Rugby Ball handmade in 2mm Marine Grade Stainless Steel with Copper Detail.

This ball is a perfect representation of the sport of rugby, combining the toughness and durability of steel with the elegance and finesse of copper.

It adheres to all size parameters for a standard size 5 rugby ball in girth, length, and circumference.

Each corner seam has a recessed groove with punch marks to emulate actual stitches providing an authentic feel to the ball.

These lace stitches are designed in copper with a wave effect, reminiscent of the old-style laces that were used in earlier versions of rugby balls.  This detail adds a touch of elegance and makes it a unique and visually appealing item.

You can view details of some of the processes in making the ball and more of the story in the link to my News Gallery –  here

The ball comes with two stands, allowing it to be displayed in either a horizontal or ‘kick’ position, making it an ideal showpiece for any rugby enthusiast’s collection.  It is the perfect gift for any rugby fan, whether they are players or collectors, and is sure to be treasured for years to come.

Individually handmade – Limited Edition Stainless Steel Rugby Ball.