Grant's Story at Sea ...

Grant grew up around boats on the Irish Sea & Shannon Lakes. He was also lucky enough to travel the world on the then
Irish Sail Training Vessel, Asgard II, initially as Trainee and latterly as Bosun.

On his return to Dublin , he set up Safewater Marine Services providing clients with professional boat maintenance and repair to full refits.

"My main Inspiration comes from Boats and the Sea, or anything Nautical really.
I try to capture movement in my designs,  and if they move - even better!"     Grant 2018

Grant's story as a Designer & Sculptor in Dublin.....

Grant has always been inspired by high levels of craftsmanship and has been drawn to beautifully made pieces that
are, not just good to look at, but have a useful purpose which should be used in an everyday setting.   

Grant Designsestablished in 2017,  was the natural progression.
All Grant’s pieces are individually handmade and, as such,  no two designs will ever be alike within a Collection.   

The Skyline & Zanzibar Yacht Models & Sailing Trophies are an example of this where each design gives unique movement and reflections.

Grant's Chopping Boards & Serving Platters are all made from the highest quality timbers that he can source.                  
Different woods have different characters and behaviours and Grant will always work with the timbers, rather than against them.
It is always wonderful to hear from customers the huge range of purposes that they use our boards for in their homes
and this makes their uniqueness even more pronounced.

As a
Sculptor Grant has exhibited at Sculpture in Context in the National Botanic Gardens Dublin with Copper in Flame in 2018,  Still Leaf in 2019 & Release at the SIC virtual exhibition in 2020

Client Commissions
 include WEBZEN 10 year Service Awards 2017, 2018 
Grant has also designed & hand crafted the
Perpetual  & Individual Trophies for the OCR Class Powerboat races in Malahide 2016
CAFRE Horticultural Award 2017
together with Private Commissions for Weddings, New Homes and Special Occasion Gif